Melted Cheese Raclette Menu

Cheesy Crossiants

Two fresh crossiants are filled with melted raclette cheese and tomato relish, with the option to add crispy bacon. Served with crisps, a salad garnish and gherkins.

Fully Loaded Nachos

Tortilla chips come topped with tomato salsa, nacho cheese sauce, melted raclette cheese, guacamole,  sour cream,  jalapenos , sriracha sauce and gherkins. 

Raclette & Bacon Gratin

Rosemary crushed potatoes, smothered in melted raclette cheese with crispy bacon, chargrilled tomato chutney, gherkins with topped with spring onions.

Raclette Baguette

Fresh baguette filled with a choice of red onion chutney or chargrilled tomato chutney, loaded with raclette cheese scraped straight off the bubbling wheel served with salad, crisps and gherkins.